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    Product Series

    Professional R&D Ability / Exquisite Manufacturing Process / Strict Quality Control

    Patch Panel

    Patented Technology / 10 Gigabit Transmission / Durable, Shield External Interference, Ensure Data Security

    24-Port Patch Panel

    Patch Cord

    Ultra - Speed Network Cable - Gaming Fever Network Cable

    CAT8 Ultra-Speed Network Cable

    Keystone Jack

    Nondestructive Extension / Stable Mating / Durable Unplugging / Shielding Protection

    New 5G Shield Tool-less Keystone Module

    Enman was established in (year)

    Subsidiaries of Enman Group Jiangsu Enman Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.Shanghai Manyi Industrial Co., Ltd.  Jiangsu Enman Auto Parts Co., Ltd.Jiangsu Gimplen Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Quantity Of Technology Patent

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